Every programming activity can be abstracted as a transformation of data. And moving that from one place to another.

There are many types of entities that can be involved such as variables, interfaces and files. Or databases. Skills with those will come handy for the rest of your career.

Join a hands-on journey of managing data. Learn more by doing! You will gain experience with SQL and potentially more.

PL/SQL is extension by Oracle. It has been dominating the scene since the world took a step beyond mainframes in the 80s.

A random fact is that Oracle corporation owns MySQL. And Java too.


    • structure and objects
    • queries and joins
    •  data modelling


    • functions, procedures, packages and triggers
    • variables, cursors, custom data types and arrays
    • control statements and exception handling
    • coding conventions and guidelines

APPLY UNTIL: July 12, 2020