Are you ready for the Next-generation Cloud Technologies?

Nowadays, hardware resource management is very simplified by the general configuration, the rest of IT resources are fully managed by the software.

This software components are managed by the Cloud Engineers in an automated way. This is a new role in the market and requires specific Cloud skills.

Join Accenture’s Cloud Automation Bootcamp, and you will learn how the modern cloud platforms work, see how to represent physical resources as a code, and gain experience with automation frameworks.

During this course You will:

  • take a first step into Cloud Technologies and Cloud Architectures;
  • know how to manage virtualized networks and Linux operation system;
  • develop REST API services and clients for the remote operations using Python, Git, Continues Integration tools and containerization technologies;
  • manage Cloud Infrastructure resources using Infrastructure as Code approach;
  • build your own Software-Defined pipeline for the Cloud Infrastructure and your application;
  • work on a small project in Agile mode.

You will work with tools and solutions from leading provider of open source and enterprise IT solutions – Red Hat, as a developer you will work closely with Git, Python, Jenkins, Docker and other technologies.

Check these links to prepare for the Bootcamp:

APPLY UNTIL: July 1, 2020