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Free training, fully paid internship and international career at Accenture

Bootcamp is the most extensive free IT training in Latvia and Lithuania, provided by Accenture – one of the leading IT companies in Baltics and the world.

It doesn’t matter what education or professional background you have, as long as you have an interest in IT and basic coding knowledge.

From dozens of bootcamps we’re offering each year, choose the one that fits you best!

Select a bootcamp

Upcoming season welcomes you to 8 trainings.
Bootcamp takes 1-5 weeks of online studying, followed by a 3-6 month fully paid internship at Accenture Baltics.

Step by step

There are some steps you’ll need to take to apply for Bootcamp and start your career at Accenture. Depending on if you are a student or a graduate, some steps might change - detailed information will follow after you have applied!
Step 1 - Application

Simply fill in the application form! This is the first step, and no special preparations are needed. You can apply 3-5weeks prior to the start of a Bootcamp or until the group is full.

Step 2 - Test session

Within two working days, we will invite you to an approximately two-hour online test session, during which you’ll take the English language test and technical test of your chosen Bootcamp. The technical test includes both logic tasks and questions regarding your chosen speciality or coding language.

For some bootcamps interviews are also required.

Step 3 - Bootcamp

According to the test results, you will be enrolled in the Bootcamp of your choice. If you have passed the English test, but the results of the technical test do not satisfy our requirements, we can offer you the chance to apply for another Bootcamp. In that case, you will only have to take the technical test for the selected Bootcamp. The enrollment decision is made according to the competition, and results are announced when all applicants are tested.

Results are announced ~2 weeks before bootcamp start.


Selection criteria:

  • Basic knowledge of selected field (technical test)
  • Good level of English
  • Relevant education
  • IT education (finished or in progress) will be considered as an advantage
  • Relevant work experience (if required)
Step 4 - Internship

Bootcamp graduates with skills matching the requirements and best performance during bootcamp, will be offered a three-to-six-month internship.

You can choose hands-on project practice of 40 hours per week or 30 hours per week.





Step 5 - Scholarship

Scholarships for students, as well as remuneration for graduates depend on the type of workload that you choose.

Step 6 - Career offer and path

After the internship, approximately 80% of candidates are offered a permanent employment contract with Accenture Baltics.

Learning at Accenture is a continuous journey. All new joiners not having academic IT education will have an accelerated development plan including a course at the university.

How it works

Bootcamps are currently held online, using MS Teams platform.

Depending on program, bootcamp is usually 1 – 5 weeks long, full day, intensive training from 9:00-17:00/18:00.

Bootcamps are organized in two parts:

  1. theory + practical work;
  2. final project.

At the end of bootcamp, we do not have exam, but final project has the same importance.

All bootcamp graduates receive electronical acknowledgment for course completion.

Apply & start your mission

Just fill out the application form! This is the first step and does not require any special preparation - except for your Curriculum Vitae (CV).
All fields shown below are required.
Please note that you can register for a bootcamp once in a two month period.

You are qualified as a student if you study full-time, part-time or you are on academical leave at any higher education institution in Latvia.
Please be informed that Accenture internship scholarship contest is organized in cooperation with RTU fund, which administrates scholarship payout. Before submitting application, please read regulations of competition


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